My coaching approach is very much focused on you – your dreams aim’s and goals. It is a person-centred approach. I am a keen believer that you are the best expert of your own life. Even if you may not be able to see this in yourself quite yet, coaching with me will bring you into a greater sense of self-awareness.

I coach coachees who are willing to commit to pursuing their own aims, dream, and goals. You must be willing to work through to your own transformation. Once we have completed a one-hour free consultation we will know if its right for us to work together. We set this out in our agreement of your aims, goals, and commitments in the first session together. This will keep us focused, on track and creating greater value on investment of time and money.

If you are an entrepreneur or creative artist or if you going through life changes of wanting to step into the fullness of your dreams, then I am your expert freedom life coach. I am well versed in the language of personal transformation and breakthroughs that do not just leave you with a warm happy feeling. Rather it will sharpen your focus, you will have clear aim and goals and you will start living out the dreams you have.

My experience allows me to think outside of the box, so when it comes down to what you want to do, you will have a heavyweight expert on your side. Whatever your aim, dream goal is. I truly believe your dream is possible, you should be passionate about it and if it is your aim – it should be lucrative.

I work with a wide variety of individuals, men, and women of different ages who have extraordinary aims and goals – from an escape artist who was training to escape from a water chamber to a highly successful yoga teacher who had reached her capacity and wanted to expand her practice and her every waking moment was booked. In a very short time together she not only liberated her time but she expanded her practice by 800%. To a man who is cycling over 5000 miles around the UK performing magic shows as he goes.

I work with celebrities, highly successful creative men and women who are high powered performers, magicians, and entrepreneurs and with that, I am very comfortable. I am able to bring a spark into there creative thinking process that is often overlooked.

I have had many clients in their early or late 50s who have come to the end of their careers, in the fire brigade, the metropolitan police or their military service. Now they are free to pursue their childhood dreams. As well as people going through retirement and other change.

The one thing that they all have in common is that they are at a stage of their life of wanting to change their dream into a real-life freedom venture and that where I come in.

My clients work with me because they’re ready to move into the fullness of their aims dreams and goals, their willingness to come out of their comfort zone, work through challenges and go to their next level.

Anyone who has worked with me knows I serve my clients diligently, I will never pull punches. I am 100% committed to there success. I will always be honest and to this end, we will create a fast growth growing environment.