For a one to three-day one to one coaching focuses, Your investment is anything between £750 through to a full residential fee of £2250.

I also provide shorter sessions of one to two-hour sessions –

The initial one-hour consultation needs to be booked in and is free and through the result of it, we will begin to tailor and agree on a program that best serves you. During this consultation, the coaching session would have already begun. You may we’ll find a shift in perspective by the end of that first free session. Only towards the end of the consultation will we be able to agree to work with each other further.

All my coaching sessions happen during the week, unless I am on an international coaching visit then I can tailor it to suit the client.

I also provide group coaching sessions and can provide my award-winning magic shows and motivational presentations. Your investment is anything between £500 for a show to £3000 for a day’s training and show. I also provide shorter sessions of one or two-hour focused workshop  –

My office hours are between Monday to Friday 10 am to late if I am in session, leave a message and I will get back to (on the weekends I am often focused on presentation and shows, so may not respond to until Monday unless you stress its urgent.) (is a great way to get hold of me)

07865 402 281 (I will not answer withheld numbers)

Here to help

Mario Morris