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Working with Mario was a great pleasure.  He has years of experience, and, more importantly, knows how to communicate this experience to students of the art.  Patience and professionalism combine to create an excellent learning environment.  We look forward to continuing our classes and including Mario in our programs.

Jeff McBride

International Magician, Performer and Teacher

‘Insights from the Streets for MagiciansWith over thirty years of experience, master street performing and busker,
Mario Morris shares transferable tips for any venue performer and aspiring
Learn the secrets to having your audience clapping and cheering in every
single performance you do, guaranteed.
Discover how to attract, keep and control your audience in every show or
Mario Morris will also perform his full street magic show.
He will teach his real working effects:
The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick
Street linking ropes
The Silks of Attraction
He will also give insights and tips into his original Street Coffee Cups and
Balls routine and his Straight Jacket escape show.

Mario Morris  –  his lecture, workshops, and training are entertaining and give an insight into Show Business.   He will give you real tips and advice that Magicians, Performers or Public Speakers can apply to their own practice and will improve their performance.  Mario will include aspects or by request, the whole of his famous award winning Magic Show and of course take questions.  This is a chance to learn from a magician and entertainer  who has performed in a huge variety of venues –  from open-air festivals, cabaret shows, gala shows to  theaters – all over the world.

He can also provide a workshop and a theater show.

Mario Morris Magic Shows and Lecture have traveled the world. Mario has given his lectures, a master class and closed The International Stars of Close-up Magic at The Blackpool Magic Convention. Since 2010 he has been sharing his lectures and workshops at the Magic & Mystery School and was a keynote speaker at Magic & Meaning Conference  Las Vegas. Recently he was invited to BNI to give a Keynote talk to members. Back in 2006, he founded the now World Famous – School of Busking.

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In Mario´s lecture everything is well structured and the performance parts clearly illustrate his theories and concepts on busking. This is clearly real-world material from real-world experience. His ideas transcend street-magic and there´s valuable advice for all kinds of magic. That´s why EVERYBODY loved Mario´s lecture.
Stefan Woebke

Magic Club Secretary, Magische Nordlichter

Mario Morris – Thank you for you bringing your lecture and show to our club. Your lecture was great and you both are a very likeable couple.  So thanks for the fantastic entertainment and the explanations on street theatre.

Robin Lippman

Magician, Heilbronn Magic Club