“Mario Morris’s mastery of both indoor and outdoor Magic is really wonderful. I love his Work.” 

Eugene Burger

Grand Master of Magic

Mario Morris is simply fantastic!  I will be booking again!

Wendy Baily

Marketing and Communications Director

My favourite thing about The Magic Tales was hearing the gasps of amazement from the audience (children and adults!). For many this was their first magic show, and Mario and Lady Vee lit a spark of wonder they will treasure for years.

Nick Jarvis

Manager , Booths, Hay on Wye

On behalf of BRAG and the rest of the Audience last night, I would like to thank you for an amazing evening of entertainment.Many of the people as they left last night said how much they had enjoyed both the magic and the humour. Thank you so much!

Gaynor Jones

Manager BRAG

“”Its always a pleasure to work with with Mario and Veronica Morris – they are professional and entertaining with their shows and always go down well with family audience of thousands at our events.’

Malcolm Cawley

Allen Drake Management

“I can highly recommend booking  Mario and Veronica.  Their outdoor shows and walkabout entertainment is a huge hit with our festival audience.”

Louise Dickinson

Street Entertainment Co-ordinator

 Thanks for performing at Smoke & Mirrors, it was a pleasure to see a true professional perform at my Magic Theatre in Bristol, your style was something I hadn’t seen on my stage before and I must say it blew me away from the structure to the way you engaged with the audience, every one I spoke to gave great feedback. So I thank you once again for giving me a night to remember. Also please pass on my thanks to Veronica as she made the first half of the show a very funny and magical start.

Mark Bennet

Director, Smoke & Mirrors

He is a consummate entertainer with a unique, engaging, and highly entertaining act..

Master Payne


He is funny, charming and a wonderful, very entertaining magician.

Ruth Setton


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed The Magical Tales show with Mario Morris & Veronica.  We really were left mesmerized by some of the illusions performed on stage – still wondering how they were done now! Truly enjoyable and professional performance and would definitely book again!

Ellie Mills

Manager , Ceiriog

It’s a really charming show.  Just the right mix of peril and wonder for all. They make the oldest and best tricks in the book look as if they’re inventing them in front of your eyes

Peter Florence

Arts Director, Hay on Wye Lit Festival

I can honestly say I would not be anywhere near the perfromer I am today if I had not attended Mario’s School.

Matthew Le Motte

The first Magic Circle close up Magician not only to win twice but three times in row.

A powerful, moving, brilliant focus. I loved every minute of it. Mario and Veronica are fabulous trainers. Everything was presented in a clear way.

Tina Sayer

Family Life Coach

Without doubt the best money I have spent on furthering my skills and knowledge of magic and performance.

Mark Keeble


“I found the material and the style of delivery to be both entertaining and probably the most useful educational experience I have ever had”

Neal Alexander Wells


Thank you, Mario and Veronica… Because of the time I spent with Mario and his teachings.I have the confidence and skill, to know that I can always finish my show strong, You brought a point of really magical transformation and friendship into my life.

Residential Complete Focus Training & Coaching

Gavin De Mersseman


This weekend and course has actually equipped me with some really new ideas and things that I can change around and really improve it and bring it to another level. If I was, to sum up the weekend, I would say the title of the course is really relevant because there were some real magical moments that will really help me.”

Dave Richards

Accountant and Performer

I have learned the building blocks of pubic speaking and will be taking what I have learned into my everyday life and career, thank you.

Charlotte Ross

Student of our training focus

The course will exceed your expectations. Excellent training.

Kay Mullar

Student - of our focused training.

Coaching with Mario Morris is an invaluable tool to empower your self-development and your path to success.

Rebecca Szwandt

Entrepreneur, Yoga teacher and founder Yoga studios - Strechy Suzies.

Working with Mario is great pleasure. He has years of experiance and more importantly he knows how to communicate this experience to the students of the arts.

Jeff McBride

Magician and founder of Magic and Mystery School, Las Vegas

A fabulous learning environment with an expert teacher.


Colin Dymond


“An incredible experience.  As a teacher with more then 20 years in the classroom, I know the amount time and effort it took to pull this off and they did it in every way!  Nothing was held back – all questions answered and all subjects covered.

Douglas Kennedy

Diamond resercher and teacher

Riveting, phenomenal,  remarkable, unpredictable…  I can now take the things I have learned into my everyday life.Thank you very much.

Tomos Grove

Tomos attended our focused training.

“For anybody who struggles with personal confidence and self-doubt in entertaining and in daily life will find the one to one complete focus training course a great help to move on through these difficulties. Mario and Veronica are wonderful hosts and extremely kind and generous people which make the training even more valuable.”

Colin Lanfear

Bike 4 Life

Without doubt the best money I have spent on furthering my skills and knowledge of magic and performance.

Mark Keeble


The delivery of the course exceeded my expectations. I feel a real sense of achievement and passion to move on in the direction I chose.

Jason Ahrendt

Student - of our focused training.

What they saying about Mario’s shows

What they are saying about Mario’s coaching