Mario Morris provides coaching either one to one or to groups, he also provides inspiring training days.


Magic & Wizardry School

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This weekend and course has actually equipped me with some really new ideas and things that I can change around and really improve it and bring it to another level. If I was, to sum up the weekend, I would say the title of the course is really relevant because there were some real magical moments that will really help me.”

Dave Richards

Accountant and Performer

Thank you, Mario and Veronica.

You brought a point of really magical transformation and friendship into my life.  

Residential Complete Focus Training & Coaching

Gavin De Mersseman

“An incredible experience.  As a teacher with more then 20 years in the classroom, I know the amount time and effort it took to pull this off and they did it in every way!  Nothing was held back – all questions answered and all subjects covered.”

Douglas Kennedy

Diamond resercher and teacher

Riveting, phenomenal,  remarkable, unpredictable…  I can now take the things I have learned into my everyday life.Thank you very much.

Tomos attended our Public Speaking Course

Tomos Grove

“I found the material and the style of delivery to be both entertaining and probably the most useful educational experience I have ever had”

Neal Alexander Wells


Training & Coaching

Powerful and life changing

In-depth full focus