The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick

A bit of History of The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick

For many years  Sideshow performers have performed an effect by plunging their hand into the  jaws of an animal trap. The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick was born right out of the Sideshow world.

I was first shown this stunt by a gospel preacher – Pete Hodge back in the early 90’s and I first performed it as a side show stunt. Then in the late 1990’s  I  came up with what I called The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick combining the effect with a deck of cards.  This is when a chosen card is  lost in a deck and the cards placed into a trap. I then would snatch the card out of the deck before the trap snapped shut on my fingers.

I later discovered it was a common name for a  stunt when a trap and cards are combined!  I also discovered the following combinations –

The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick – involving a sword

The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick – involving a knife

The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick – involving  a mouse trap.

I did some research and from what I could find at the time – the longest standing magician that also used a pack of cards and an animal trap who called their  effect The Worlds most Dangerous Card Trick was Master Payne. He had been performing his routine since the 80s. We talked about his effect  and routine and mine and we decided to write up our scripts and share.

So now I am sharing my routine with you that  has years of honing and the history of  the influence from a side show perspective.   I hope you enjoy it! 

Las Vegas - on the Strip- Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick
Absolute pleasure to see Mario Morris’s Most Dangerous Card Trick being performer –  incorporating a small animal trap and a pack of cards and a lot of danger.  Its really cool, its really exciting and its really fun.  It will have people on the edge of their seats.  So check it out!
Cris Cross

The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick ….. it is amazing!   It has so much potential for comedy and its got the danger element too.  Fantastic effect. I suggest you buy it!
Carl Durbin

Comedian, Magician and Drag Queen

I can honestly say the presentation of the Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick is the best executed and best performed  effect of the Blackpool Magic Convention over the past 2 days.  Congratulations.  Well done!
Ian Brown

Magician and Blackpool Magic Convention attendee for over 40 years

The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick

Created and performed by

Mario Morris 

  • A reputation maker – You can perform this as PR stunt or as a closer to your show
  • Very easy to do – So you can concentrate on making a great performance
  • Full of suspense  – Your audience will remember your show
  • Very Funny – Great comedy moments are naturally  created

Mario Morris effect “The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick” is taking the Magic World by storm.    Mario created and has been performing this routine since 1998.  The simple premise of a signed card lost in a deck then placed into the jaws of a real animal trap. The Magician is able to locate the card and pluck it out from the pack in lighting speed before the animal trap snaps shut. This simple but very effective presentation has audiences spell bound often half covering their eyes, shrieking then sighs of relief can be heard from the audience as the effect is performed.  

Great for – Street Performing, Publicity Stunts, Stage Shows, Cabaret and even Close Up Magic 

Once you have the DVD and animal trap you can perform this as performed and taught by Mario Morris – adding your own patter, personality and spin to it.

BONUS MATERIAL Mentalism and Blind fold – Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick

More recently during Mario’s tour to Las Vegas it was well received by the street performing students of the Magic and Mystery School. Mario lead a hands on workshop and sold out yet again.

It has been performed in Las Vegas both on stage and on the street.

REPORTS and feedback have been piling in.

One such report was by a street and festival performer Gavin DeMersseman who has used it over 50 times with out so much as a paper cut.

Another report by a Magician Alan Burdick tells us how he is using the trap as a visual aid  to illustrate  the dangers of drug taken.

The effect was performed at sub zero temperatures, at the highest point yet at an elevation of  10,947 feet in  Montana USA by Andrew Norstrum!

Since Mario has released the effect in 2015 – it has sold out twice so far –  once during his performances and lecture at the BlackPool Magic Convention 2015. It also sold out in Las Vegas during Focus on Street Magic. It now being shipped and performed around the world. Germany, Holland, Italy Portugal, France, Spain. Iceland, Holland Japan, Canada and the USA just to name a few.

In Las Vegas “The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick” is being performed from the street to the stage.

A quick update – I’ve done The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick  about seven time’s today on a magic street festival and the trick is great!  Everybody loves it and the build up tension . The break halfway and building it up again , for some its killing but they have to watch (hahaha) But using it the first time……… Like Mario said it on the dvd, It’s mind over matter, put you’re hand in there….. so thanks again!

ab schouten

The audience were spellbound by The Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick!  Very visual, great build-up and what a finale!  I’d recommend this to anyone!

Alan Burdock


A definitive closer to your close-up/parlour routine, the World’s Most Dangerous Card Trick will make your audience gasp and squeal in all the right places, Mario has made it so it adapts easily to your own personality and patter (I like to use the poem”Little Bunny Foo Foo” when I introduce the spaghetti noodles)… it’s a moneymaker!
Gary Parish


I just saw Mario Morris’s Most Dangerous Card Trick and I knew I had to get it.  Its going straight into my show and I know its going to be a fantastic success.
Ian Kendall


Worlds Most Dangerous Card Trick