Your Greater Story

The Magic of Public Speaking

Attendees have described this course as transformational, creative, absolutely fabulous, and life changing.

The focus of Your Greater Story is you, your story, your message.  You will discover the inner secrets that public speakers, top class magicians, entertainers and storytellers use. 

In an enjoyable and safe environment you will discover greater confidence and hidden talents that will take your dream vision into its full strength.

Perfect for team building and events.



Have you ever listened to a life story that made you think/say I wish my story was that inspiring?

Discover or rediscover your positive, inspiring attributes that you have been leaving out of your own story.

  • Gain greater confidence
  • Discover secrets of public speakers
  • Personal breakthroughs
  • Step into the fullness of your dreams and visions
  • Start fresh with a full focus transformation

With your greater story in place, you will discover the inspiration to tell your story and it will positively effect your life, creativity, and your goals.


Group work – focused on self-discovery, practical workshops, and power talks.

  • Practical demonstrations (Power Talks)
  • Earth focused relaxation techniques
  • Vision workshop
  • Discover rhythm, movement, and timing

Breakout groups – focusing on narrative and changing keywords can change your presentations as well as your life.

  • Body Language
  • Stage fright & Confidence
  • Rhythm and Pace
  • Voice projection
  • Fantastic, interactive course to learn skills how to turn your story into great presentations.
  • Discover how to communicate powerfully
  • Discover the secrets of attracting your market and audience

Mario Morris and Veronica Conway have been providing unique training and coaching around the world. From Cardiff and London to Las Vegas, they have trained world leading trainers, coaches, magicians, performers, entertainers and storytellers as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers, sales professional, company leaders and those who are looking for a breakthrough. Mario is also an award winning magician and Veronica a story teller and together they perform a show called “The Magic Tales” commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales.

“I really recommend to everyone.  It’s really enables people to learn more about themselves and how to present themselves in professional environments and also to be creative and how to talk to in lots of different ways that can grab an audience.”

Jason Ahrendt

“I have been on numerous courses and the sort of things that was covered this weekend  that was  not covered university or college course that I have been on.  It’s been absolutely fabulous and intellectually stimulating.”

Alex Grove

“It’s been a really enjoyable course and really beneficial for me…. If I was, to sum up the weekend, I would say The title of the course is really relevant because there were some real magical moments that will really help me.”

Dave Richards

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