Case Study – Magic of Public Speaking

The Obstacles

Clients who enroll on the Magic of Public Speaking range from performers to teachers, from students to leaders.

What they all have in common is a desire to become effective public speakers. This focus of public speaking exposes deep-rooted,  often well-hidden fears in other areas of their work,  of their leadership, self-belief, willpower, holding back and of course the fear of public speaking. 

Due to the nature of the course, the underpinning fears can often be  exposed as the result of the client self-reflecting  on their own self-image, as in the way that they see  themselves.  For example, words that they may negatively speak over themselves.

The Focus

During the Magic of Public Speaking,  we focus on each of the client’s story or presentation.  We demonstrate and teach technique that are used by successful entertainers, performers, and public speakers.

We have four breakout groups where clients practice in their own style what has been demonstrated, in small groups or in front of the whole group. 

  1. Structuring a talk and  tips on scripting
  2. Rhythm, pace, body language, and stage fright
  3. Positive audience calls to response
  4. Delivery style and your unique story

The Results

During the course, a notable development of confidence and supportive comradeship develops. Once the clients have completed the four stages, each of our clients will be equipped to deliver what we call their power talk at the event. It is their rite of passage and overcomes the obstacles that were otherwise holding them back.

Clients have given us feedback of the great confidence they had developed as a result of the course. For many,  it is  a significant turning point in their self-development that has a  profound and  positive effects on their productivity both in their careers and outlook on life. Fear gives way to a greater sense of self-confidence and self-values.

Due to the real comradeship that has been built we have also noted that often contact and friendships are formed.

See just some of the quotes below.

A few quotes from Clients of “The Magic of Public Speaking”

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