I don’t just inspire my clients, I turn their dreams into real life freedom ventures. 

My speciality is moving people into the fullness of their dream goal, whilst living the life they want to live.

As a result of pursuing my own passion for performing magic shows on the streets of the UK to the stages in Las Vegas. I started to incorporate a positive motivational message into my performances and soon found myself performing, teaching and presenting workshops up and down the UK. In 2006 I founded a school with a focus on street performing. I have since seen hundreds of students transform their lives often radically. From around the world, I started to get invitations to coach one to one, perform and teach to large audiences as well as becoming a teacher at the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.

When I say ‘you can step into the fullness of your dreams while doing what you love’’ I’m speaking from experience.

As a result of my experience, I believe if your willing to do the work you can make your dreams come true.

Over the past ten years, I have coached hundreds of students both men and women one to one and in groups.

I also have performed thousands of magic shows – sometimes four shows a day. I have been a keynote speaker at many events as well as high profile prestigious events such as the Blackpool Magic Convention,  Magic and Meaning conference in Las Vegas, Bangkok magic convention to name just a few.

I have also been a guest on numerous shows as well as hosted an entire episode of Magic TV Las Vegas. As well as my live coaching teaching and training, I have created an online school for aspiring street performers. I’ve also been interviewed countless times and written articles for a broad variety of teaching resources. In addition, I have created my own magic effects and routines that sell around the world.

Not bad for someone who started off in his teens on the streets.

In 2017 as a result of my coaching practice I was awarded a level 7 coaching and mentoring certificate by Oxford Brookes University, The worlds most prestigious business school and I am a full member of UK Association of Coaching.

The result of my work is evident, the result is often profound.

Others things you may want to know about me.

  • I am dyslexic and I see it as a gift and I am proud of it
  • I love taking my time to read, write and I work hard at it.
  • I never had a formal education or qualification until 2017 Oxford Brookes University, graduating with a degree in Coaching and Mentoring.
  • I have profound audience management and performance skills.
  • When I am not travelling I live in Glastonbury.
  • I provide private awaking tours of Glastonbury and sacred sights
  • I own a holiday let business in Edinburgh
  • I love to cook for guests
  • I enjoy telling magical tales and storytelling.
  • I am very focused on my work but also like to ground myself and take time out.
  • I embrace change wholeheartedly but often find it difficult.
  • I am very transparent and able to read people very well.
  • I left my childhood home when I was 15 and at 16 started to travel the world
  • At the age 16 to 17, I lived under the stars on a beach for one year and a day but I never considered my self as homeless and felt very at home. During that time I learned to cook on the open fire and developed my first business and learned to live. I consider that year to be the best life education I ever received. It gave me an unshakeable sense of self-belief.
  • My first business venture was street trading.
  • At 18 I became a manager of a pack backers hostel.By the time I was 19 I was running tow business, handcrafted jewellery and guided tours from the pack backers hostel I was managing
  • In 1991 I performed my first ever street magic show in Cardiff. My dream was to become an international travelling performer who creates magical moments in peoples lives.