Gavin DeMersseman

Gavin DeMersseman



Gavin DeMersseman came to Cardiff to work on his performance skills.  He particularly found it difficult to perform with clear confidence even those he came over as a confident individual.   After a 3-day group training course,  he booked the Complete Total Focus package that included five coaching sessions. He shared his story of isolation due to location and the  difficulty of finding the opportunity to perform. We considered the session to be his rite of passage to break through the fears that were holding him back.   In addition, we set out some goals to improve his shows.



Gavin reported back to say he has discovered great breakthroughs. His show accelerated  and  he started to get a lot more bookings and opportunities as a result of stepping out.  He discovered a whole new level of confidence he had not previously experienced. What is also particular to his own breakthroughs is that he has pushed past the isolation he was experiencing and now is traveling the length and breadth  of the USA.  In fact, Gavin has just returned to his home after a 3.5-month successful performance tour.  He is already planning next year’s work and travels.

“This week has been amazing – apart from the fact that I have improved my show  – the highlight of this vision quest has being the way that I now feel more focused, have more clarity and totally motivated  to get to the next stage in my life”

Gavin DeMersseman

Performer, Crossroads Mystic